Fitness Christmas Gift Ideas



I have been getting a lot of questions about fitness gift ideas for Christmas.  So, I thought that I would post some of my thoughts on the blog.


My top Fitness Gift Ideas


  1. H7 HR Monitor–  There are a lot of heart rate monitors on the market.  I chose to sell Polar at DeVetter Fitness because of their reputation for quality.  Polar has in my experience the best heart rate sensors for the most accurate read.  The H7 is a blue tooth strap that will sync with your iPhone or android phone.  The app that you use with it is called Polar Beat and it is FREE!  The H7 Heart Rate straps are great for strength training or exercising in a small area, but not as handy for running or biking long distances.  We have H7 Heart Rate Monitors for sale at DeVetter Fitness and can help you set them up after you purchase.


  1. Polar Loop– There are even more FitBit type activity monitors out there this year than ever before.  The reason why I like the Polar Loop is that it syncs with an H7 Heart Rate Monitor.  That gives you a much more accurate count for calories burned during your work out.  The other activity monitors can be very inaccurate as far as calories burned in activity.  The Polar Loop also tracks your sleep patterns and has a very cool website that you can check all of your stats.


  1. TRX– Extremely light weight and mobile the TRX will give you a great work out without taking up much space.  This is almost like a home gym and for less than $200 it is great value.  If you have to have piece of equipment for most people this Is it.


  1. Adjustable DB set–  Adjustable dumbbell sets can go from 5lbs to 35lbs even up to 90lbs or more if you need it.  Even better they take up about 2 feet of space.


  1. Rowing Machine– This is a bit more expensive.  I recommend the Concept 2 rowers.  They have been around for a while and have a proven track record.  These rowers will cost somewhere around $1000, which is a lot less than a good elliptical or treadmill.  Plus rowing is much more enjoyable that the other cardio options in my opinion.


  1. Stability Ball–  Sstability balls are very affordable and can be great for in home work outs.  Make sure to get the commercial grade and not the cheappies or your ball will leak and not last very long.

  1. Foam Roller– Foam rollers are great for self-massage also known as myofascial release.  They can help you improve your mobility and just feel better.  Also, don’t get a cheap foam roller.  If you do it may not be long before your roller is dented and does not work.


  1. Advocare Spark and other Supplements–  Even if you ate more than the recommended daily allowance of healthy foods you would not get all of the nutrients that your body needs to feel great at function at it’s best.  Certain high quality supplements can be like an insurance policy to ensure that you get the nutrients that your body needs.  Plus, everybody loves SPARK!


  1. Quest Bars and Chips– Quest provides some quick protein filled snack options.


  1. Sand Bell or Sandbag– These “weights” are versatile and don’t take up a lot of space.  Great for small in home gyms.


  1. TRX mobile app– This is a fun app that will give you work outs to do with your TRX.  Simply download that App and you are up and running.


There you go.  Feel free to comment below with any other ideas that would be helpful.   Also, for those of you looking to buy Polar products and supplements we may have a Christmas Stocking Stuffer Sale coming very soon;)



About devetter

I am a fitness coach in Omaha, NE who loves to help people achieve their health and fitness goals
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