Does Rachel from Biggest Loser Weigh Too Little?

Rachel from Biggest Loser

Rachel from Biggest Loser after losing 155 pounds

Everyone is talking about Rachel on The Biggest Loser! Rachel, who was a former competitive swimmer lost 155 pounds while on The Biggest Loser. She went from a starting weight of 260 to 105 pounds. That is an incredible amount of weight loss. The most shocking thing was what Rachel looked like at the final weigh-in after she had been working out on her own at home.

Check out Rachel’s before and after pictures on the right.

She does not look anything like when she first started. In fact she is much thinner than many of the photos of her when she was swimming competitively. Many people think that she looks unhealthy and sick. Here is my take:

First of all, I don’t think it is fair for me or anyone else to tell someone if they should lose weight (although we can help you if you want 🙂 ) OR to gain weight. Saying that Rachel needs to gain weight is no different than telling someone that they are heavy and need to lose weight. It is not generally anyone else’s business. Our value is not defined by how we look or what the scale says. No one should feel inferior because of their weight or looks.

Rachel from Biggest Loser before

Rachel at her starting weight of 260 pounds.

Next, there is a $250,000 prize on the line for The Biggest Loser. I guarantee that many if not all of the contestants are eating less and drinking less the day or two before the weigh-ins. I would be willing to be that Rachel’s sucked down look is from trying to be at the lowest weight possible for this competition. I would guess that she was at least 10 pounds heavier a few days before. That is not ideal, and you should not do it on a regular basis, but tell me that you would not do it one time for a shot at $250,000… I doubt that too many of you would say that.

My hope for Rachel is that she changed her lifestyle to one of eating healthy nutrient-dense foods and working out on a regular basis. I can’t tell you if that is the case with her or not. The hardest part about a show like The Biggest Loser is that the contestants have to go back to the real world with all of its stresses and the lack of trainers, time and nutritionists on call 24 hours per day. There have been some contestants who have kept their healthy lifestyle after they left and many more that have gone right back to where they started.

The biggest thing that they and you need to know is that health and wellness is a process and a lifestyle. It is not a destination. Set goals. When you reach those goals, set new goals. Find people and things that help encourage you in that lifestyle. If you do that, you are on your way to achieving your health and fitness goals for life!

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